This blog is a fusion of my two companies, one of which I own (River Valley Events). I’m an Event Planner, and I also work with my husbands family business of rentals, which is The Party Loft.

I began my Event Planning several years ago through my Mother. You’ll occasionally see her helping me with my events even today. When I got married, my in-laws had been considering an expansion in their equipment rental company which just so happened to be perfect timing! They decided to open The Party Loft for me to get up and running for them, so off we went to a trade show and we stocked up on tables, chairs, inflatables, and got set up with a linen company. We’ve been slowly growing ever since, and have recently gotten a new addition to the family in the form of my latest sister in-law, who has begun to work part-time at The Party Loft. This is definitely a family business!

River Valley Events came to be with my good friend, Angela. She was interested in Event Planning after I had done her wedding (which is how we met) so she took a job at The Party Loft to start getting familiar with the wedding industry. While Angela has since stepped back from weddings to care for her growing family, you’ll notice she has the occasional blog post on here as well as you’ll see mentions of her in the events I do. She’ll still come out for big events.

My company is small in terms of employees, but we have a name recognized in the tri-state area for our work! The River Valley is a wedding hotspot, I have brides come from all over the United States to have their weddings here. As a result, you’ll notice that I  mostly feature weddings but you’ll see some other events once in a while on here.

If you’re a vendor, I would love to speak with you about what your company has to offer. I like to make sure I’m fully informed of the choices for my brides so they have plenty of options for their budget.

If you’re a bride, schedule a free consultation to see what I can do for you! All you need to do is choose a time for us to speak on the phone or in person, and show me your ideas and budget. From there, I’ll draw up some sketches of what I envision for you, get together some samples and fabric swatches, and away we go! You tell me what you like and what you don’t, and then I tailor it to be perfect for you and your budget.

I hope you enjoy this blog enough to follow it! Stop by my Facebook pages and check them out. They are: River Valley Events, and The Party Loft at Taylor Rental.




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