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Welcome to our blog!


We’re super excited to have our blog up and running!

 So a bit about us… We are an Event Planning and Rental Company.

What does that mean?

We do everything to make your event go perfect and smooth! From the planning stage, to making and rounding up everything, to executing the final plans and making sure vendors know what they’re supposed to do, and we make sure they do it! We do the set up, and tear down. We coordinate it all. AND we have a complete rental store at our disposal.

 SO! Now that we have that out-of-the-way, I’ll tell you about the cool stuff. We specialize in design! Meaning we spend our days in the office scouring the internet, magazines, and pushing ourselves to our creative limits to make sure every Bride, Mother of the birthday kid, and of course business owner, has the perfect event that matches just what they want, with great creative touches that make for a great event that is really unforgettable! 

 We specialize in weddings, but we do kid’s parties and business events just as often and have just as much fun with our clients!

 Our goal with this blog is to connect with our clients, and aspiring event planners, and share our ideas and random thoughts with you! We would love to hear yours, too! Our website is Find us on Facebook at “The Party Loft at Taylor Rental”!


Things to do in your life together #1

 Watch the sunset together.