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Flair with Feathers!


So the trend of feathers in weddings has been around a while, and looks like it isn’t going anywhere. This post is going to show you some different fun ways to use them in your wedding.


This is the biggest way you can use these beauties. And the best part is, no matter your theme or colors, you can use them!

If you want a lot of feathers….

If you want some feathers…. (This one is my favorite!)

Or if you just want an accent of feathers….



Here, I especially love the idea of feathers. These are some of my “unforgettables” pictures, meaning if this is at your wedding, it’ll be remembered for years and your friends will try to copy it because it’s just so fabulous!

I’m a big fan of bouquets that will stay gorgeous for years to come, so I really like these.

This one has a great shape…

This one brings classic and modern together. I think it’s just so romantic looking!

I love how this one has the metallic flowers and accents. It’s a wonderful balance it creates.

And you can’t forget you dress and accessories!

Here are a few I found that are just too cool.

Again, love the balance of the airy feathers with the deep color the way they did this dress!

This feather fascinator is so chic!

Love those shoes! This company makes amazing custom ones. Figgie shoes! Check them out!

All in all, feathers are amazing! So we understand why this trend has already outlasted so many, and there is no forseeable end in the future!

Thanks for checking out this post, I love to share my ideas!


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