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Kolb-Sheridan Wedding


I know I usually only post events I do entirely, but I really enjoyed working with Britta and I want to show you how  her flowers turned out! This wedding I was only involved for the flowers and planning of the aisle markers, but I would like to show you how they turned out anyways! I have a few shots of things they did themselves I’ll show you so you get a taste of the feel.

Britta set a budget of $100 for her bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 centerpieces, and petals for 3 flower girls. She was okay with silk, but to me they all had to be fresh because she deserved it! Whew! If that isn’t a tall order, I don’t know what is!


A few of the centerpieces were used as aisle markers and moved back to the tables when the wedding was over.


I used delphinium, dyed sage, carnations, and wheat for all the flowers.


The entryway greeted guests with warm sunlight, and small take home jars of jam.


They went sans the traditional on their guest book, and did a fingerprint tree. My favorite kind of guest book!



Britta was a beautiful bride who decorated her wedding with care and made it very personal.


Her groom certainly expressed his style at the wedding, as well! With the cowboy hats and boots and small touches at the wedding you could tell he took care to put his mark on their special day to make it truly theirs.


The cake had an elegant glass topper that pulled together the feel she created with her cakes colors and it’s wood slab tiered  homemade stand.

Britta's Bouquet

I loved how her flowers turned out, they were just her style and certainly just her budget as I came in exactly at $100 for the flowers, jars, and my fees for creating and transporting and setting up the decor.

What do you think of the wedding? Do you like the non-traditional pairings of flowers?



3..2..1 SMILE!


This TREND OF THE WEEK is all about Photo Booths!

Photo booths have become a popular way to capture those special memories and your guests unique personalities at everything from weddings to birthdays.

While professional photo booths can be costly, creating your own can be an easy and fun project that is sure to provide you with an album of amusing and memorable photos.

Don’t worry my ‘tight budget’ friends because you can make your own DIY (do it yourself) photo booth and still have money left over for the honeymoon!

  • Start by hanging a simple backdrop, like a sheet, tablecloth, or curtain.
  • Use your digital camera and set it up on a tripod.
  • Attach a remote to let your guests take their own pictures.
  • Get creative! Provide props and costume pieces or even a small chalkboard for them to write messages.
  • Print off duplicates of the pictures and send them to your guests with the “thank yous”.

Use your imagination and make your photo booth unique for your special day!

Thanks for reading about my TREND OF THE WEEK!

Angela @ The Party Loft

Thought for the Week

Love is a feeling, marriage is a contract, and the relationship is work!