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Rhoades-Franks Wedding


This wedding took place on one of the most beautiful days I have seen yet for an outdoor wedding! It felt amazing outside, and the soft breeze blew through the vines making it serene. Shonna wanted the wedding to be simple and not detract from the park or river, so I kept the decorations strickly red roses on the arbor…

ed Rhoades Franks 2

…. and the chair ties themselves were her aisle markers. My sister-in-law who works alongside me occasionally invented this style, so in her honor I call these sideways bows “Ashley” bows. 😉

ed Rhoades Franks 3

The clear sky made for great picture weather for the wedding party, especially with the river as the backdrop.

ed Rhoades Franks 5

The riverfront pavilion where the wedding party got ready.  They came down through the trees on the side of the stone.

ed Rhoades Franks 4

ed Rhoades Franks 1

As the sun was setting and I was about to do the tear-down after the lovely afternoon wedding I wanted to grab one last picture…

ed Rhoades Franks 6

I hope you enjoyed seeing this wedding as much as I enjoyed doing it! What did you think of the simple design and red aisle runner?