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Kolb-Sheridan Wedding


I know I usually only post events I do entirely, but I really enjoyed working with Britta and I want to show you how  her flowers turned out! This wedding I was only involved for the flowers and planning of the aisle markers, but I would like to show you how they turned out anyways! I have a few shots of things they did themselves I’ll show you so you get a taste of the feel.

Britta set a budget of $100 for her bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 centerpieces, and petals for 3 flower girls. She was okay with silk, but to me they all had to be fresh because she deserved it! Whew! If that isn’t a tall order, I don’t know what is!


A few of the centerpieces were used as aisle markers and moved back to the tables when the wedding was over.


I used delphinium, dyed sage, carnations, and wheat for all the flowers.


The entryway greeted guests with warm sunlight, and small take home jars of jam.


They went sans the traditional on their guest book, and did a fingerprint tree. My favorite kind of guest book!



Britta was a beautiful bride who decorated her wedding with care and made it very personal.


Her groom certainly expressed his style at the wedding, as well! With the cowboy hats and boots and small touches at the wedding you could tell he took care to put his mark on their special day to make it truly theirs.


The cake had an elegant glass topper that pulled together the feel she created with her cakes colors and it’s wood slab tiered  homemade stand.

Britta's Bouquet

I loved how her flowers turned out, they were just her style and certainly just her budget as I came in exactly at $100 for the flowers, jars, and my fees for creating and transporting and setting up the decor.

What do you think of the wedding? Do you like the non-traditional pairings of flowers?



Ashley’s Personal Shower


Ashley was a May bride. This is her personal (or lingerie) shower. It was actually held in The Loft, so you get to see our work space! We did have the lighting low, so the pictures aren’t of the absolute best quality. I’ll show you what my ideas and inspiration was, what the final products were, and what she thought of her shower. My budget was $800. I came in well under!

My inspiration:

Ashley is a modern girl who likes clean and contemporary style in her everyday life with a touch of nature and is definitely girly underneath that. Her favorite color is yellow, but she didn’t want to use it in the wedding since she felt it would wash her out in all her pictures. Hm… Well that decided I would be using yellow for her! I like to try to find a cake that embodies the style I’m working towards when I start a design from scratch, so that’s why 2 of 3 of my pictures here are a cake. 😉

I loved the rosette details on this cake I had seen at a Bridal Show when I first started working on the shower. I decided I wanted to use gray/silver from this cake.

This is when I decided how I would pull together the entire shower. This cake is the theme I wanted. I was planning on using this specific design for the cake, but we only needed two tier, and I just didn’t like it like that, so I did my own design

I really wanted to use daffodils. They just didn’t quite go, so I ultimately went with carnations. I loved the clean white of the tables in this photo, as well. So I decided I would use white overlays and chairs to keep it crisp and contemporary.

My ideas:

Her favorite flower is a daffodil, and I really wanted to use them for centerpieces. I looked around and discussed it with the florist I used, but we ultimately decided carnations would be our best bet for the style. I had been wanting to make a chandelier for a while, so I jumped on it and went and got a lot of paper doilies to make a Martha Stewart style one. Well, my doilies didn’t want to be a chandelier. So I snatched some tissue paper from Angela (she was hand making some invitations, for a birthday party, that she used tissue paper for that week) and I did a test run. Voila! Works perfectly. So I go get my paper in the colors I wanted, some ribbon, and a board to cut into a frame.

My chandelier:

This took me awhile to make. I put it off until the week before, which isn’t like me. It had been so busy, I was making 100 other things for events in the month leading up to it. Well, that didn’t turn out too well. I ended up having an accident and breaking my index finger and part of my hand a week and a half before the shower. It was pretty bad and surgery was being discussed seriously for a while, so I was in and out of specialist appointments. On top of that, Angela was packed with her own events to finish up this shower for me, so I just spent some really late nights all the way up to the night before making everything painstakingly slow. So this shower was not the end result I wanted, as I didn’t get to do a few of the projects I really wanted to. But! I did finish that chandelier…

Ashley stopped by the night before to check everything out. This is her checking out the chandelier

The chandelier hanging in the entryway, completed.

It took a while to choose the layout for the room, where my touches of yellow would be, and how exactly I would use my color scheme. For the layout, I scattered sitting height cocktail tables around the room, with conference tables for serving to save space. I used standing height cocktail tables for the entryway, and the cake table.

My touches of yellow, I used yellow carnations in the centerpieces, yellow on the top layer of my chandelier, and yellow tulle poms hanging from the ceiling mixed with my white paper lanterns.

For the overall color scheme, I wanted it to feel airy despite the charcoal gray, so I used that as my base cloth, with a white overlay and pewter napkins.  The centerpieces were mercury glass with fresh carnations and greens. I hung white paper lanterns from the ceiling with yellow tulle poms, and had a few LED trees for ambiance. I lit the gift table from underneath, as well as the recipe basket with the wine glasses you see above. I then strung small lit lanterns and groupings of yellow tulle on top of my white serving table linens. Those elements were all difficult to see in the pictures as it was low lighting in the there to make those things be the focal points, but I’ve got some pictures below anyways.

The cake:

I’m sure you’re curious to see what I came up with! I decided on doing some sparkly gray fondant as the base, and some delicious butter cream light yellow rosettes as the top layer, which really looked cute on the girly lace overlay with the charcoal peeking through on the cake table.

I loved the colors, so I was willing to overlook the poor fondant job, that I was sure only my trained eye would see.

We had a bit of a disaster with it, though.

Little did I know that was just a taste of the disaster to ensue!

But I happen to have a good friend who is a baker who rushed to the rescue with her repair kit and fixed it on site when the baker, who had a bad recipe and didn’t ice the design tight enough, refused to come fix it. Thanks again, girl!

Tah Dah! She really did some fancy work with only some paper towels and 3 tips on her icing bag. She even mixed that color by my description of it over the phone when she was making it at home for me! Talk about talent, it was an exact match.

Enough talking! Now the final pictures, and some shots of the party being enjoyed.

The centerpieces assembled and ready to be placed. I was happy with how they turned out! Organically arranged, and a bit frilly looking but balanced by the mercury and dark greenery

I was pretty excited to use this thing, we had just gotten them about 2 weeks before the shower.

Laying out the tulle and string lanterns before setting up the food

Almost there!

One of the standing height cocktail table centerpieces

The food out and being arranged

Looking good!

Ashley holding up a pearl necklace

And a cute nightie 😉

All in all, I was pretty happy with the turn out of the shower. So tell me about it! What do you think? What did you like? What did you dislike?

If we get some good feedback from our readers, this will be a regular post. So be vocal! Share with us!


Okay so I’m a Big Fat Liar


So…. I didn’t exactly keep my word on keeping up with the blog since my last post in March.


The summer is our busiest season at The Loft, and we have been channeling all our creativity into  our brides and our ideas for them. Which now that I think about it, we should just be sharing all of that on here! So I’m going to start a new category on our blog here, just for our event ideas, and the end result of that event. I’m gathering info for it today. 🙂 Yay!

If you are one of our clients and are willing to send us some great shots of our work and you and your family having a blast at your event, don’t hesitate to send them our way! We would love so much to have them.