Lexi’s Graduation Party-Part 2


The party turned out pretty well. I ended up having an incident with a table and my foot which pretty much incapacitated me on any ladder activity, so I disappointingly didn’t get to do everything I wanted to on the ceiling. I did a different centerpiece on each table, and kept the ties simple as bows.

Lexi c. 4 ed

I set up a photobooth as entertainment between dinner and dancing for the evening, and lines of photos on the wall of Lexi growing up and with her friends. Popcorn and cotton candy was served along side the Mexican deserts and cupcakes (her Mothers special recipe).

lexi dance floor ed

We started off the dancing with musical chairs for the little ones, and they had so much fun the teens and adults requested a game of musical chairs for each age group.

Lexi c. 3 ed

This party was the end of her graduation celebration day, the entire afternoon was spent on inflatables outside. There was a wet obstacle course and a 2 story slide!

Lexi c. 2 ed

Lexi truly loved her party, and everyone had a blast. It was a day full of friends, fun, and her favorite foods and tunes.

Lexi c. 1 ed

This party had a budget of $800 for everything excluding the venue which was paid for in advance by the family. I came in at $720.

Would you be interested in having your party planned by us? Give us a message below! We can do everything you need over the phone, sans the day of decorations. So why not? We only charge our gas/flight and hotel fee for coming to you! We work all over the U.S. as we’re known for saving you money and stress more than any other Event Planners around.

What did you think of this event? Is it your style?


About Brooke

I'm an Event Planner at The Party Loft in Sallisaw, OK. I love finding new ideas and creating stuff that makes my clients weddings and events totally different. After all, I'm a pretty different Event Planner! I sketch out everything for my girls so they get to have a visual image of what the final product will look like. Come see me at The Loft (where anything we do in the office is FREE for you, including consultations!) and tell me all about your wedding. I'll help you make it fabulous!

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