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Rhoades-Franks Wedding


This wedding took place on one of the most beautiful days I have seen yet for an outdoor wedding! It felt amazing outside, and the soft breeze blew through the vines making it serene. Shonna wanted the wedding to be simple and not detract from the park or river, so I kept the decorations strickly red roses on the arbor…

ed Rhoades Franks 2

…. and the chair ties themselves were her aisle markers. My sister-in-law who works alongside me occasionally invented this style, so in her honor I call these sideways bows “Ashley” bows. 😉

ed Rhoades Franks 3

The clear sky made for great picture weather for the wedding party, especially with the river as the backdrop.

ed Rhoades Franks 5

The riverfront pavilion where the wedding party got ready.  They came down through the trees on the side of the stone.

ed Rhoades Franks 4

ed Rhoades Franks 1

As the sun was setting and I was about to do the tear-down after the lovely afternoon wedding I wanted to grab one last picture…

ed Rhoades Franks 6

I hope you enjoyed seeing this wedding as much as I enjoyed doing it! What did you think of the simple design and red aisle runner?



Kolb-Sheridan Wedding


I know I usually only post events I do entirely, but I really enjoyed working with Britta and I want to show you how  her flowers turned out! This wedding I was only involved for the flowers and planning of the aisle markers, but I would like to show you how they turned out anyways! I have a few shots of things they did themselves I’ll show you so you get a taste of the feel.

Britta set a budget of $100 for her bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 centerpieces, and petals for 3 flower girls. She was okay with silk, but to me they all had to be fresh because she deserved it! Whew! If that isn’t a tall order, I don’t know what is!


A few of the centerpieces were used as aisle markers and moved back to the tables when the wedding was over.


I used delphinium, dyed sage, carnations, and wheat for all the flowers.


The entryway greeted guests with warm sunlight, and small take home jars of jam.


They went sans the traditional on their guest book, and did a fingerprint tree. My favorite kind of guest book!



Britta was a beautiful bride who decorated her wedding with care and made it very personal.


Her groom certainly expressed his style at the wedding, as well! With the cowboy hats and boots and small touches at the wedding you could tell he took care to put his mark on their special day to make it truly theirs.


The cake had an elegant glass topper that pulled together the feel she created with her cakes colors and it’s wood slab tiered  homemade stand.

Britta's Bouquet

I loved how her flowers turned out, they were just her style and certainly just her budget as I came in exactly at $100 for the flowers, jars, and my fees for creating and transporting and setting up the decor.

What do you think of the wedding? Do you like the non-traditional pairings of flowers?


Lexi’s Graduation Party-Part 2


The party turned out pretty well. I ended up having an incident with a table and my foot which pretty much incapacitated me on any ladder activity, so I disappointingly didn’t get to do everything I wanted to on the ceiling. I did a different centerpiece on each table, and kept the ties simple as bows.

Lexi c. 4 ed

I set up a photobooth as entertainment between dinner and dancing for the evening, and lines of photos on the wall of Lexi growing up and with her friends. Popcorn and cotton candy was served along side the Mexican deserts and cupcakes (her Mothers special recipe).

lexi dance floor ed

We started off the dancing with musical chairs for the little ones, and they had so much fun the teens and adults requested a game of musical chairs for each age group.

Lexi c. 3 ed

This party was the end of her graduation celebration day, the entire afternoon was spent on inflatables outside. There was a wet obstacle course and a 2 story slide!

Lexi c. 2 ed

Lexi truly loved her party, and everyone had a blast. It was a day full of friends, fun, and her favorite foods and tunes.

Lexi c. 1 ed

This party had a budget of $800 for everything excluding the venue which was paid for in advance by the family. I came in at $720.

Would you be interested in having your party planned by us? Give us a message below! We can do everything you need over the phone, sans the day of decorations. So why not? We only charge our gas/flight and hotel fee for coming to you! We work all over the U.S. as we’re known for saving you money and stress more than any other Event Planners around.

What did you think of this event? Is it your style?

Lexi’s Graduation Party-Part 1


I’m currently working on a high school graduation party. It’s style has been morphing so much, I’ve been holding off on posting! But now that everything is in motion, I’ll show you what I’m doing. After the party, I’ll be posting pictures of how it all turned out.

The party is going to be an all day event. It’ll start at 3, and go until 10. From 3-6 will be the open house portion, where there will be inflatables, a table of board games and cards for the adults, and food will be served. From7 to 10, it’s the dance party. There will be a photo booth and I’ll be dressing up the tables a bit more during my buffer hour, as well as there will be a few different small things to separate the two parties.

The party is in a large white metal building with brown and tan tile floors, it’s the only building that was available in the right price range with the set up we needed (a kitchen, electricity and water hook ups for the inflatables, etc) so I’m trying to make it work!

The main area of the building, where everything will be set up.

The entryway

The theme is basically a soft goth vibe with a touch of batman. You read that right! It’s a pretty crazy theme that has been unusual working on. Right now I’m doing chocolate base clothes on the tables to tie in the floors since they’ll be so visible, with white garden chairs and cardinal red ties. For the dance party, black overlays will go on. My centerpieces are black bacarra roses with lily grass, and I’m playing around on the containers for them still.

A black bacarra rose, basically a really deep red.

Over the dance floor I’m draping it with red tulle, and making a column at each corner with lanterns. I have a 30” lantern I’ll be hanging from the center, and will possibly be lit depending on if I get a light the color/weight/intensity I want for it in time.

The tulle I’ll be using

Classic white even ribbed paper lanterns like this one is what I’ll use for around the dance floor.

As far as the touches of batman, there will be a few props for the photo booth batman related, and the 30” lantern may have bat cutouts in it if I get it glowing. The favors will most likely have something with batman as well.

This party is definitely going to be really different. Let’s just hope it is in a good way!

What do you think? What would be cool for this party? What would you do for it?


Edwards-Lovell Wedding


Meghan Edwards chose the Robert S. Kerr Conference Center and Museum, or as it’s known to the locals Kerr Mansion, of Poteau, Oklahoma for her wedding and reception. Her colors were champagne and guava. The budget was $10,000.

The wedding took place on the lawn of the mansion, overlooking the drop off.

She chose to use artificial flowers for the bouquets and centerpieces, and smaller tables for intimacy for the dinner time reception.

A collage of the wedding day!

Top left-aisle marker, top right- the wedding set up, bottom left-bubbles for the guests, bottom right-fans for the guests.

I realize this is a wedding that took place nearly a year ago! But I thought I would bring it out for my new category of past events, as it was one of my favorites. Kerr Mansion was a gorgeous back drop for this wedding, and the colors were perfect for the weather and the brides personality.

Have you been to an event at Kerr Conference Center? Was/is guava or champagne in your wedding?


Summerlin-Ward Wedding


Amy Summerlin was a laid back bride. She knew she wanted shades of purple, fresh flowers, and barbeque! The wedding took place near a local lake. There wasn’t really a budget, we just knew we had to keep it small. It came out around $2,000 for the entire wedding.

There was touches of more feminine things around the room to soften the stone walls of the reception, so it all blended well with her dress.

Her seating tables for the reception were rectangle, so we went with white cloths, and purple runners to keep it simple with touches of purple. Her centerpieces were fresh flowers in jars.

The couple cutting their cake!

I love doing shades of one color to break from the traditional color scheme. I think her wedding was a great combination of country laid back, and feminine.

Is this wedding your style? Will you be using any of these elements?


Woods-Lovell Wedding


Taylor Woods was one of the busiest brides I’ve ever had. I actually didn’t meet her until the day of her wedding! The budget wasn’t exact, but everything  rented and purchased, as well as event planning came out to $1800, plus about $300 for food and drinks that was prepared by friends.

Taylor married Ricky Lovell on August 18th, 2012. Her colors were candy pink, chocolate, and burlap. 😉 She wanted it to be as country as it could be!
Since I didn’t get to meet her beforehand, I just went with the things I knew she wanted from speaking with her Mother in person. She had chosen an unusual combination for her flowers, wildflowers and carnations! Carnations are the birth flower of her baby sister, so it was important to her to have them a part of the wedding. She knew she wanted burlap, and her dress to be pulled together with the theme.

It was a backyard wedding outside of town, with about 100 guests. It was raining all day during the set up, so it has to be artfully done to keep everything dry and ready for the wedding! Thankfully, the rain let up about a half hour beforehand, and the sun came out for the cake cutting. It was perfect timing for beautiful pictures, and the weather was pretty amazing for the wedding.

The wedding set up, underneath a hexagon tent

Her boots at the opening of the aisle

The archway, handmade just for Taylor and Ricky

The reception tables

Her large cascading bouquet proudly displayed on a stand next to the cake, with a special charm tied in of her baby sister.

Announced husband and wife!

Cutting the cake!

Enjoying their special day…

It was a great laid back wedding. They were all a pleasure to work with! Best wishes to the couple and their new child.

What did you think of this backyard country wedding? Is it your style? What are you doing for your country wedding?